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What's New?

One- and Two-Month Subscriptions Available for Summer

Let your students have the opportunity to improve their math skills with ALEKS this summer!  ALEKS is now available in convenient one- and two-month subscription lengths, making it perfect for summer school.

As always, ALEKS is as easy to order as ever.  You will find the new one- and two-month subscription options listed on our K-12 online order form.

Would you like us to help you place your order?

Would you like ALEKS to contact you with more information?

Please let us know how we can assist you!

ALEKS Corporation Customer Support
Hours (Eastern Time): Monday - Friday, 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Phone: (714) 619-7090
Fax: (714) 245-7190
Email: contact us at

15% Discount Off Independent Use Accounts Share with Parents  

Students can purchase ALEKS for independent monthly use and continue their individualized math progress.  Please share a special 15% discount coupon with your students and their parents.

Instructions for Coupon Redemption:

  1. Download letter/coupon below (available in English or Spanish)
  2. Print copies for your class
  3. Distribute copies to your students for them to give to their parents or hand out at your school's Open House

     Print Coupon:   (No longer available)

ALEKS eNewsletter Archives Now Available

Review past eNewsletters and see what you've been missing!  ALEKS tips, training and learning outcomes are ready and waiting.  Review eNewsletter Archives Now.


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Training Center  

Have You Explored the ALEKS Training Center?

Learn more about ALEKS features and how to maximize your use via the online Training Center. Live and pre-recorded trainings are conveniently available for your viewing and training. You do NOT need to register to attend. Simply click on a training link and watch how you can propel your students toward success.


Live WebEx Training Sessions:

Basic and advanced online training sessions now available.  View WebEx training Session Schedule

Sample Pre-recorded Trainings:

Assigning Grades in ALEKS
A guided overview of where and how grades can be assigned within ALEKS. Total Time: 6 min 35.

Creating a Quiz in ALEKS
Step-by-step guide on how to create a quiz in ALEKS by selecting from the various topics offered in the class.
Total Time: 2 min 54.

Visit ALEKS Training Center View WebEx Schedule
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Support FAQ  

Top Customer Questions

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Success Stories  

Washington High School
Cedar Rapids, IA
Scenario: ALEKS used for remediation
Grades: 9-11

Dan Reyner, Teacher

"The ALEKS program has been working very well for my students! Students are referred to my class either by another math teacher for low grade performance or by scoring below 40% on the Iowa Tests of Educational Development (ITED) exam. Many of my students do not have parental support or Internet access at home; nevertheless, I’ve found that over 60% of the 11th grade, low-performing students were able to improve their ITED scores the following year. In addition, students have reported that the immediate feedback and progress that ALEKS provides has helped them feel less stressed and anxious about math.”


How do you structure your class periods with ALEKS?
I try to use ALEKS for three of the five classes each week for instruction and review. I use the remaining two days for direct instruction, such as lecturing and demonstrations, and to assign ALEKS quizzes to evaluate retention of class material. On ALEKS days, students are given five minutes to set up their computers and log in to ALEKS. Students spend the next forty-five minutes working in ALEKS while I move around the classroom to assist students. On non-ALEKS days, I hand out notes for the class, followed by lecture and demonstrations, and then answer specific questions about the material. ALEKS quizzes are then assigned on material covered in the previous class lecture.

How does ALEKS fit into your grading system?
Because most students do not have access to a computer with Internet access at home, ALEKS is not assigned for homework.  As a result, grades are assigned based on ALEKS quiz results, progress in ALEKS over the course of the year, class participation, and behavioral factors.

Final grades are assigned based on the following breakdown:

Quiz Scores = 30%
Assessment Growth = 30%
Time on Task = 30%
Class Participation and Behavior = 10%

Are there any practices you would like to share with other teachers implementing ALEKS?
Spread ALEKS use out throughout the week.  It also helps to relate what students learn in their regular classes to what ALEKS is teaching them.  I recommend incorporating some group work into the classroom when possible.

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Where is ALEKS?  

Stop by Our Booth and Receive ALEKS Goodies

ALEKS exhibits at dozens of educational conferences across the nation. Stop by our booth at one of these upcoming tradeshows.

National Educational Computing Conference - Booth #1658
June 24 - 27, Atlanta, GA
For more information, visit: NECC

Colorado Technology in Education Conference - Booth #312
June 19 - 22, Copper Mountain, CO
For more information, visit TIE

Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching - Booth #519
June 27 - 30, San Antonio, TX
For more information, visit: CAMT


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If you have an ALEKS success story like Dan Reyner (see success story above), please share your story and you will be entered in our quarterly drawing for a chance to receive an iPOD!

Please submit a form if you would like us to contact you regarding your success story.  Our Summer quarter winner will be announced in the Summer eNewsletter.

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