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Higher Education Mathematics

ALEKS is an adaptive learning program that uses research-based, artificial intelligence to deliver effective, individualized instruction on the exact topics each student is most ready to learn.

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Instructors can quickly implement ALEKS without any customization, or they can easily customize ALEKS to align with their course syllabi and textbooks. With a comprehensive selection of course products, ALEKS has helped millions of students achieve math success by significantly raising grades, retention, and pass rates. Read ALEKS Case Studies


ALEKS Delivers a Unique Math Experience:

  • Research-Based, Artificial Intelligence targets knowledge gaps and guides learning
  • Cycle of Individualized Learning and Assessment ensures student mastery and retention
  • Open-Response Environment includes practice problems, tutorials, and immediate feedback
  • Dynamic, Automated Reports track detailed student and class progress toward course mastery
  • Course Customization and Management Tools save instructor time and reduce office-hour demand


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