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ALEKS 360 offers a cost-effective total course solution by providing powerful ALEKS personalized assessment and learning with a fully integrated, interactive eBook. The new eBooks can be integrated with select ALEKS course products, and are high quality, interactive versions of their physical counterparts. They offer robust virtual features, including highlighting, bookmarking, and notetaking, and allow students and instructors to access the full textbook content, as well as multimedia resources (i.e. videos, images, exercises, etc.).

Select an ALEKS course product from the menu below to view a list of eBooks available for integration. All eBooks are published by McGraw-Hill.


ALEKS 360 helps students overcome the hurdles of poor math skills and tight budgets, while also assisting faculty in improving student learning outcomes using ALEKS artificial intelligence for critical gateway courses.

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ALEKS 360 Features:

  • Interactive eBook - eBook access provides the full textbook content, with worked examples, videos, and other tutorials for additional support.
  • Artificial Intelligence - Targets gaps in student knowledge and presents topics to students precisely when they are ready to learn them.
  • Personalized Learning - Individualized ALEKS Pie provides each student with targeted instruction to direct topic mastery.
  • Course Control and Customization - Instructors can align ALEKS topics with a textbook or course syllabus, and set due dates for chapter objectives to pace student learning.
  • Dynamic Reporting - Instructors can easily monitor student and class performance, and identify specifically what students are ready to learn next, using automated reports.

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eBook Access

eBook Access: Students can easily access the eBook, multimedia resources, and their notes from within the ALEKS Student Account.

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Robust Virtual Features

Robust Virtual Features: Students and instructors can highlight, bookmark, and take notes directly within the eBook. Instructors can choose to share their notes with students.

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MyPie Individualized Study Plan

MyPie Individualized Study Plan - ALEKS Pie provides each student with targeted instruction on topics they are ready to learn; step-by-step explanations and eBook references are easily accessible.

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Textbook Integration

Textbook Integration - Instructors can align ALEKS topics with a textbook and set due dates for chapter objectives.

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Homework Management

Homework Management - Instructors can assign homework, quizzes, and tests aligned to their textbook integration to reinforce critical concepts.