ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

System Requirements

ALEKS runs on many devices with various operating system and web browser configurations. Use the tabs below to identify the system requirements for specific ALEKS course products.

K-12 Higher Ed. Math Higher Ed. Business Higher Ed. Science Higher Ed. Behavioral
Desktop and Tablet Compatibility
All Elementary School courses Info Prep for SC Algebra 1 EOC Examination
All Middle School courses Info Prep for SC HSAP Mathematics
All High School courses Info Prep for TX - STAAR Algebra 1
Math Intervention Prep for TX - STAAR Geometry
Mastery of SAT Math Math Prep for TAKS -- HS Exit Exam
Math Prep for California High School Exit Exam Math for College Readiness
Prep for FL Algebra 1 EOC Assessment Math for College Success
Prep for FL Geometry EOC Assessment Math for 4-Year College Success
Prep for IN Algebra 1 ECA Prep for GED Mathematics
Prep for LA Algebra 1 EOC Assessment AP Chemistry
Prep for LA Geometry EOC Assessment Prep for AP Chemistry
Prep for MN Mathematics GRAD Math Review for AP Physics
Prep for PA Algebra 1 Keystone Exam  
System Requirements
  Windows(1) Macintosh  Chromebook  iPad  Android Tablet(2)
Operating System XP+ OS X 10.4+ Chrome OS iOS 6+ Android 4+
Screen Resolution 800x600 + 800x600 + Any Any 8.9"
Browsers Chrome
Explorer 8+
Firefox 10+
Safari 4+
Firefox 10+
Chrome Safari Chrome

(1) Windows based Microsoft Surface tablets require the use of the touch cover keyboard.
(2) At this time only Samsung Galaxy tablets have been tested.

Java + ALEKS plug-in no longer needed, except for instructors and administrators using the Advanced Instructor Module ("IM1") for which Java and the ALEKS plug-in must be installed.

Desktop Compatibility (Java + ALEKS plug-in required)
AP Statistics (Quantitative) Fundamentals of Accounting (Corporation)
High School Prep for Statistics Fundamentals of Accounting (Sole Proprietorship)
Business Math Introduction to Statistics
System Requirements
  Windows Macintosh      
Operating System XP+ OS X 10.4+      
Screen Resolution   800x600 + 800x600 +      
Browsers Chrome
Explorer 8+
Firefox 10+
Safari 4+
Firefox 10+

Java + ALEKS plug-in required.

Java and the ALEKS Plug-In

For course products requiring Java and the ALEKS plug-in:

  • Java: View instructions for installing and enabling Java on your computer.

    Oracle has set the Java Security baseline to Java 7 update 51. We strongly recommend that you use this version. If you can't upgrade to the latest version of Java, you will need to lower your Java Security to Medium to be able to use ALEKS.

    Firefox on Windows: Java 6 updates 25 through 29 and Java 7 have been known to cause stability problems with Firefox on Windows.

    The issue has been reported to Oracle. When running Firefox on Windows, please make sure to use the latest version of Java 6, that is update 30 or later. Please visit the FAQ for details.

  • ALEKS Plug-In: Install the ALEKS plug-in on your computer. If your computer lab has security safeguards in place, your LAN administrator, system administrator, or lab technician must install the ALEKS plug-in.


To check your current configuration and to get answers to the most common questions, view our troubleshooting page.