ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

7.19.4 Additional Options in Part 1


Define Template Basics (confirmation)

Figure 7.19: Define Template Basics (confirmation)
Once you have completed Part 1 of the Master Template creation process, the confirmation screen will display the following options (Fig. 7.19):

Download ALEKS Course Syllabus
Click this link to see a detailed summary of your course as it has been configured. You can download this information in HTML or PDF format.

Advanced Options
Click the "show more" link to view other relevant options for the Master Template, under Course, Gradebook, Worksheets, or Assessment. Customizing the settings for these options in the Master Template will apply to all linked courses. Instructors can then edit these settings for their individual courses. Click "edit" next to each option to customize the setting as needed:
  • Student Learning Options (Sec. 7.3.1)
  • Access Options (Sec. 7.3.1)
  • Course Resources (Sec. 6.6.10)
  • Gradebook Setup (Sec. 6.5.5)
  • Worksheet Options (Sec. 6.4.12)
  • Assessment Options (Sec. 7.9.1)

Lockout Options
Click on "show more" and then the "edit" link to view options to prevent instructors from editing the course content or assignments in courses linked to the Master Template.
  • Course Content. If this option is selected, instructors of linked courses cannot edit the course content for their linked courses. Additionally, if adminstrators use textbook integration or Objectives with the Master Template, instructors of linked courses can edit the due dates for each objective, but cannot edit the content within an objective.
  • Assignments. If this option is selected, instructors of linked courses cannot edit or delete their assignments linked to the Master Template. However, they can adjust the dates for these assignments and also create additional assignments for the linked courses.
NOTE. If Administrators want to create External assignments in the Master Template, they can do this after clicking on the "[edit]" link by "Gradebook Setup." Only the assignment name and date can be set at the Master Template level; the student grades and maximum point values are set at the linked course level.
At the bottom of this confirmation screen, you have the option to continue to Part 2 of the Master Template creation process to create assignments, or you can do this at another time. Selecting the "I will create assignments later" link takes you to the Master Template Summary page. Selecting the "Part 2: Create Assignments" button takes you to Part 2. Create Assignments - Introduction page.