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4.6.1 Journal Entries


The Answer Editor for Journal Entries

Figure 4.2: The Answer Editor for Journal Entries
The journal entry form is perhaps the richest of the ALEKS tools for accounting. It allows the flexible construction of journal entries of arbitrary length and complexity. Values produced in the calculator can be dragged and dropped into cells; where appropriate for the type of problem, it will calculate values for some cells automatically based on what has been entered.
Descriptions are entered in the appropriate columns by drop-down menus; selections can be made easily from these menus with the mouse, or by typing the first letters of the desired value. Finalize a value by pressing Enter; move between cells by clicking or by pressing Tab. To add a new line in between two lines of the journal, use the "+" symbol at the right-hand margin; to remove a line, use the "x" symbol.
When the user is first introduced to journal entries in the ALEKS tutorial, an especially careful guided tour is provided to ensure that subsequent use of this important tool is problem-free.

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