ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

7.20.11 Reports


Administrator Reports

Figure 7.30: Administrator Reports
A number of campus-wide reports are available under this tab.

Shows the total number of students ever enrolled in ALEKS at the institution, and the numbers of students active in the system during the last week, the last month, or the last three months (optionally 12 months). For each of these intervals, it also shows the average number of hours spent weekly by the students who were active.

Course Activity
Is a more detailed view of campus activity. For each instructor and course, it shows the total number of students ever enrolled, then, for each of the last six full months, the number of students active and the average hours per week spent by active students. (Note that the current month does not appear in this report.) Click on the instructor's name to view that instructor's courses, or on the "++" at the top to see all courses for all instructors. This report can be generated for either ALEKS or QuickTables using the drop-down menu.

Server Use: Page Hits
Presents a graph of page hits over time by users of ALEKS at the college. The "Data Range" menu can be used to set the time period that is graphed. Beneath the graph may appear summary statistics, depending on the time span chosen.

Server Use: User Hour
Is similar to the "Server Use: Page Hits" report, but graphs the number of user-hours over time.

Custom Reports
Are the custom reports that can be created for the institution. See Sec. 6.2.19 for more details about this feature.