ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.3.3 Select Objectives


Chapter-Based Objectives

Figure 6.26: Chapter-Based Objectives
Chapter Selection and Order. Initially, all textbook chapters appear in their normal order and all are checked for inclusion in the course (Fig. 6.26). You can remove chapters by unchecking the box in the "Include" column. Chapters can be reordered by clicking on the up and down arrows in the "Include" column. Chapters can also be reordered by clicking on the chapter name and dragging and dropping the chapter to a different position.
ALEKS permits you to order chapters freely, but a reasonable and conventional ordering of the materials should be maintained. ALEKS will move topics among chapters in order to maintain prerequisite relations among specific topics, with the result that an unusual ordering of the chapters may not produce the best results for your course structure. The default ordering of chapters may be the best choice for a smooth ALEKS implementation.
Creating Custom Objectives. To create an Objective that does not correspond exactly to a textbook chapter, use the button marked "Create a New Custom Objective," located below the list of textbook chapters.
This tool can be used to:
  • Divide a chapter into parts.
  • Combine material across multiple chapters.
  • Create review modules with material from a sequence of chapters.
See Sec. 6.3.7 for the use of the Custom Objective tool.