ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.1.7 Archiving Classes and Instructors


Class List

Figure 6.4: Class List
Instructors can archive their own classes to simplify their Instructor Module display so that only current and recent classes appear. Administrators can archive other instructors' classes and accounts. This feature is especially helpful for instructors and administrators who manage a large set of classes and instructors.
Archiving does NOT delete or deactivate classes, shared class access, or instructor accounts. Archived classes and instructor accounts are simply moved to archived folders to aid organization, but are still accessible to administrators, instructors, and students.

Archiving Options

Figure 6.5: Archiving Options
Options. After logging into your ALEKS account, click on the "Archive Options" link (Fig. 6.4). Alternatively, you can access the feature by first clicking on the "Class" link located to the left of the class selection drop-down menu. Once on the Archive Options screen, each class is listed in a separate row with a checkbox under the column heading "Archive Instructors" or "Archive Classes" (Fig. 6.5). As you scroll through the list, each row appears highlighted in the color yellow to indicate the checkbox applicable to the class.
On the Archive Options screen, you can do the following:
  1. To archive, check the box next to the desired class (or instructor).


    To unarchive, uncheck the box next to the desired class (or instructor).
  2. Click "Save" to save your changes.
Once you have archived classes, you will see a section called "Archived Classes" at the bottom of your class list. Administrators will see other archived instructors on that list.
The class drop-down menu does not contain any archived classes by default. However, if you view an archived class after selecting it from the "Archived Classes" folder, the class will then be shown in the class drop-down menu, and "(Archived)" will be displayed next to the class name. Once you select another class in the drop-down menu, the archived class will no longer be displayed.
NOTE. If administrators archive other instructors' classes, this will affect the Instructor Module display for those instructors. Instructors will see an "Archived Classes" section at the bottom of their class list after logging into their ALEKS account. If administrators archive an instructor this will archive the instructor account and all of their classes.
Automatic Archiving. When creating a new class, instructors can check the box next to "Automatically archive this class after the end date" to automatically archive the class following the selected end date (Fig. 6.23). Instructors who wish to keep only active classes in their class list should check this box each time they create a new class.

Messaging Archive Classes

Figure 6.6: Messaging Archive Classes
Messaging. Through the ALEKS "Inbox" Instructors (or administrators) can still send messages to students (or instructors) when their classes have been archived.
When the instructor has at least one archived class, an "Archived Classes" folder will appear. Clicking on the "+" sign next to the "Archived Classes" folder will expand the archived classes list and display the list of students in the archived class.
If at least one instructor has been archived, administrators will see an "Archived Instructors" folder at the bottom of the instructor list. Clicking on the "+" sign will expand the "Archived Instructors" folder.