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6.4.1 Homework


If Homework assignments have been created for this class, clicking on the Homework tab will display a table listing these assignments (Fig. 6.28). The table includes the following information: The Homework Name, Start Date, Due Date, Status of the Homework, and an Action drop-down menu.
Possible Status values are:
  • Current. The Homework assignment is currently available.
  • Enabled. The Homework assignment will be available at a future date.
  • Completed. The Homework assignment due date has passed.
  • Disabled. The Homework assignment has been set up as Disabled in Step 1 on the Homework setup screen.

Homework Status

Figure 6.28: Homework Status
Available Actions are:
  • Edit Homework. Instructors can modify an existing Homework in the class.
  • Disable/Enable Homework. Instructors can block or allow student access to the Homework after the start date.
  • View Homework Report. Instructors can view a report showing each student's result on a Homework assignment.
  • Duplicate Homework. Instructors can copy the configuration of an existing Homework.
  • Print Homework. Instructors can print up to five instances of the Homework.
  • Delete Homework. Instructors can delete a Homework assignment.

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