ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.2.1 Available Reports


ALEKS offers a wide range of dynamic reports that display individual student and class data in a variety of ways. Instructors can use these reports to track usage, progress, grading, and attendance.
Although individual student data is also available through the class reports, the individual link should be used when looking at reports in the presence of a third party (such as a student), to avoid violating the privacy of other students who would also appear in the class reports.
The reports are organized by the following report types:
  • ALEKS Pie
  • Progress Bar
  • Time and Topic
  • Knowledge Per Slice
  • Assignments
  • Custom Reports
NOTE. The report icons will not appear on the Reports page when they are not applicable to the class. Also, when there are no students in the class, the report icons will appear on the page but will not be active.
Beside each report type is a "?" icon. Instructors can click on this icon to see a description of the report type. To run a class report, click on the "Class" link below the report icon. To run an individual student report, first click on the "Individual" link below the report icon, and then click on the name of the student. Alternatively, students can be viewed by Login Name or Student ID, using the toggles below the list of names.