ALEKS - Assessment and Learning
ALEKS Instructor's Manual for Higher Education Mathematics
Table of content

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Quick Start
Chapter 3: Setup Guide for Instructors
Chapter 4: Assessment Mode
4.1 Assessments in ALEKS
4.2 Guidelines for Assessments
4.3 How Assessments are Triggered
4.4 Buttons
4.5 Answer Editor
4.6 Manipulators for Mathematical Expressions
4.7 Mathematical Expressions
4.8 Types of Mathematical Expressions
4.9 Advanced Mathematical Expressions
4.10 The Answer Editor for Graphing
4.11 The Answer Editor for Histograms
4.12 Assessment Report
4.13 Ready to Learn
4.14 Progress Bars
Chapter 5: Learning Mode
Chapter 6: QuickTables
Chapter 7: Basic Instructor Module
7.1 Instructor Account
7.2 Reports
7.3 Course Creation and Configuration
7.4 Assignments
7.5 Gradebook
7.6 Administrator Center
Chapter 8: Advanced Instructor Module
8.1 Selector Window
8.2 Instructor Folder
8.3 Course Home
8.4 Reports
8.5 Course Gradebook
8.6 Course Homework
8.7 Course Quizzes
8.8 Course Test
8.9 Course Assessments
8.10 Course Worksheets
8.11 Student Home
8.12 Student Report
8.13 Student Gradebook
8.14 Student Homework
8.15 Student Quizzes
8.16 Student Tests
8.17 Student Assessments
8.18 Student Worksheets
8.19 Master Templates
8.20 Administrator Account
Chapter 9: Teaching with ALEKS
Chapter 10: Knowledge Spaces and the Theory Behind ALEKS
Chapter 11: Frequently Asked Questions
Chapter 12: Support
Appendix A: ALEKS Student User's Guide
Appendix B: Syllabi in ALEKS
B.1 Basic Math
B.2 Pre-Algebra
B.3 Pre-Algebra and Introductory Algebra
B.4 Math Literacy
B.5 Developmental Math
B.6 Beginning Algebra
B.7 Intro. to Geometry
B.8 Intermediate Algebra
B.9 Beginning and Intermediate Algebra Combined
B.10 College Algebra
B.11 College Algebra with Trigonometry
B.12 PreCalculus
B.13 Trigonometry
B.14 Intro. to Statistics
B.15 Business Statistics
B.16 Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
B.17 Prep. for Beginning Algebra
B.18 Prep. for Intermediate Algebra
B.19 Prep. for College Algebra
B.20 Prep. for College Algebra with Trigonometry
B.21 Prep. for PreCalculus
B.22 Preparation for Calculus
B.23 Preparation for Calculus with Limits
B.24 Prep. for Statistics
B.25 Math Prep. for College Physics
B.26 Math Prep. for Accounting
B.27 Math Toolbox
B.28 Prep. for Math and Dosage
B.29 Business Math
B.30 Florida Math 0018
B.31 Florida Math 0022
B.32 Florida Math 0028
B.33 Texas DMAT 0093-MATH 1314
B.34 NCCCS Developmental Math Module 010
B.35 NCCCS Developmental Math Module 020
B.36 NCCCS Developmental Math Module 030
B.37 NCCCS Developmental Math Module 040
B.38 NCCCS Developmental Math Module 050
B.39 NCCCS Developmental Math Module 060
B.40 NCCCS Developmental Math Module 070
B.41 NCCCS Developmental Math Module 080