ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.3.1 QuickTables Progress Reports


QuickTables Reporting

Figure 6.4: QuickTables Reporting
To view QuickTables progress report, use the drop-down menu to select either "All Tables" or a specific table.
The Progress Report view for QuickTables shows, for each student (Fig. 6.4):
  • The total time spent in QuickTables since completion of the typing tutorial.
  • The last login date.
  • The assessment date, which is the date the assessment was completed.
  • The bar graph, which is a representation of the student's progress in QuickTables. The bar graph displays percent mastery of the table contents in blue for the most recent assessment, with an additional segment in green showing what was added since that assessment (blue plus green equals the student's total current mastery). A grey bar indicates that the student has not yet been assessed on the table.
To print the QuickTables progress report, use the ALEKS Print button to upper right; to download its contents in Excel format, use the "Download Excel Spreadsheet" link. To see separate bar graphs for all of your students' assessments, use the link beneath the report marked "Display Past Data." The student data may be ordered by any of the green clickable column headings. To see more details such as the date the student completed the table, click on the percentage under the "Progress" column.