ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

7.4.8 Edit Homework


Create Extension

Figure 7.37: Create Extension
Clicking on the Homework tab displays the Homework Status screen, listing previously created Homework assignments for this course. Homework can be modified up to the moment when the first student begins to take it; extensions can be created at any time.
Edit a Homework assignment by clicking on the "edit homework" link under the Homework assignment name (or choose "Edit Homework" from the Action menu for that assignment). STEP 1 through STEP 5 can be edited on this screen. Also, at the bottom of the Edit Homework screen is a "Delete this homework" button. Clicking this button will delete the Homework assignment.
Create Extension. The feature is available on the Edit Homework page, if there are students in the course. Extensions can be created for one or more students. To create the extension, click on the "Create Extension" button, select the date and time through which the extension will be in effect, choose the student(s) who will be given the extension, and click the "Create Extension" button (Fig. 7.37).