ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.4.13 Course Calendar


Course Calendar

Figure 6.40: Course Calendar
The Course Calendar can be accessed from any page in the Instructor Module where a course has been selected, by clicking "Course Calendar" in the Upcoming Due Dates box in the right-hand margin. It is similar to the Course Calendar viewed by students, but also permits you to create and modify assignments (Secs. 6.4.1 - 6.4.9). The Course Calendar shows all "assignments" in the course, one month at a time, with their start and end dates (Fig. 6.40).
The Course Calendar provides a link to the "Edit all assignment dates" page (Sec. 6.4.11).
Date Range. Hovering your mouse pointer over either a start date or an end date will highlight both the start date and the end date for the assignment. Clicking on either a start date or an end date will open an information box containing links for editing or viewing more details about the assignment. New assignments can be created from the menu just above the Calendar display.
Calendar and Gradebook. The Course Calendar is parallel to the Gradebook, as it is based on ALEKS assignments. All assignments appearing in the Calendar may be included in the course grading scheme. Assignments do not have to be graded, however, to appear in the Calendar. All assignments, graded or not, will appear in the Calendar unless deliberately excluded. The contents of the Calendar can also be shown in simple list format by using the link "view as list" to upper left.
Calendar Notes. It is also possible to add arbitrary notes to the Calendar by clicking the link, "Add note to Calendar" (upper right).