ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.2.12 Detailed progress history


Detailed progress history

Figure 6.17: Detailed progress history
"Detailed progress history" is an expanded version of "Learning progress since latest assessment" (Fig. 6.17). It shows the student's learning history, with one bar graph for each assessment taken by a student. The bar graphs are stacked, the earliest on the bottom and the most recent at the top. To the left of each bar, there is the date of the assessment and a notation indicating the reason for the assessment (see Sec. 4.3).
In other parts of ALEKS, this style of report may be called "Full progress." Above the report is a menu from which you can select the period of time for which the report should be compiled (that is, how far back in time the report should go).
Clicking on the "All Results" tab will display all students' current and previous course progress results (if applicable) (Sec. 6.2.4). The current course can be distinguished by the "(Current Course)" label. Clicking on a student's name will take the instructor to the individual progress report for the student (Sec. 6.2.13). Clicking on an assessment date link will take the instructor to the individual student's pie report, displaying their progress at that point in time (Sec. 6.2.7).