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Chapter 7: Advanced Instructor Module


The Advanced Instructor Module in ALEKS provides alternative, more efficient access to essentially the same features as are found in the Basic Instructor Module. The fundamental technique in using the Advanced Instructor Module is to choose a class, instructor, or student from the Selector window, then click on an action or operation from those offered underneath the Selector window (and organized by tab: "Home," "Reports," etc.). The action or operation will affect the account selected. Users with Administrator privileges have greater scope (Sec. 7.20).
For the most part, the actions carried out in the Advanced Instructor Module are identical to those in the Basic Module. This chapter will not repeat the details from the previous chapter, but rather provide references to the corresponding sections. There are some functions, however, that do not appear in the Basic Instructor Module. Here is a list for quick reference:
  • Cleanup Tool (Sec. 7.2.2)
  • Instructor Resources (Sec. 7.2.4)
  • Course Options (Sec. 7.3.1)
  • Duplicate Course (Sec. 7.3.3)
  • Assessment Options (Sec. 7.9.1)
  • Student Gradebook (Sec. 7.13)
  • Request Assessment (Sec. 7.17.1)
  • Cancel Current Assessment (Sec. 7.17.2)
Other functions exclusive to the Advanced Instructor Module are associated with the Administrator privilege level:
  • Master Templates (Sec. 7.19)
  • Edit College (Sec. 7.20.1)
  • Search College (Sec. 7.20.2)
  • LMS Integration (Sec. 7.20.3)
  • Add Instructor (Sec. 7.20.4)
  • Schedule Domain Upgrade (Sec. 7.20.8)
  • Enrollment List (Sec. 7.20.9)
  • Edit Subscription (Sec. 7.20.10)
  • Server Reports (Sec. 7.20.11)
These areas are fully described in the current chapter.


7.1 Selector Window
7.2 Instructor Folder
7.3 Course Home
7.4 Reports
7.5 Course Gradebook
7.6 Class Homework
7.7 Class Quizzes
7.8 Class Test
7.9 Class Assessments
7.10 Class Worksheets
7.11 Student Home
7.12 Student Report
7.13 Student Gradebook
7.14 Student Homework
7.15 Student Quizzes
7.16 Student Tests
7.17 Student Assessments
7.18 Student Worksheets
7.19 Master Templates
7.20 Administrator Account