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4.3.3 Scheduled Assessments


Instructors can schedule assessments for the entire class or for specific students, using the "Add Assessment" option (in the Basic Module) or "New Scheduled Assessment" option (in the Advanced Module). For example, the instructor, department, or college may wish to have "midterm" assessments under supervision to guarantee reliable results. They have the option of selecting the style of assessment as progress or comprehensive. Progress Assessments are slightly shorter and focus on the student's most recent learning history; Comprehensive Assessments are slightly longer and probe more deeply into the student's overall knowledge of the class content.
ALEKS allows the instructor to choose the availability of Scheduled Assessments by specifying a beginning and ending date and time and how students access that assessment when it becomes available. Also among the options for a Scheduled Assessment is one to prevent automatic assessments within a certain number of days prior to the Scheduled Assessment. Note that any assessment scheduled by the instructor "resets the clock" for automatic assessments, so that students will not be assessed too frequently.
For additional information about Scheduled Assessments, see Secs. 6.4.9 and 7.9.