ALEKS - Assessment and Learning
ALEKS Teacher's Manual for K-12 Education
Table of content

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Quick Start
Chapter 3: Setup Guide for Teachers
Chapter 4: Assessment Mode
4.1 Assessments in ALEKS
4.2 Guidelines for Assessments
4.3 How Assessments are Triggered
4.4 Buttons
4.5 Answer Editor
4.6 Manipulators for Mathematical Expressions
4.7 Mathematical Expressions
4.8 Types of Mathematical Expressions
4.9 Advanced Mathematical Expressions
4.10 The Answer Editor for Graphing
4.11 The Answer Editor for Histograms
4.12 Assessment Report
4.13 Ready to Learn
4.14 Progress Bars
Chapter 5: Learning Mode
Chapter 6: QuickTables
Chapter 7: Teacher Module: Basic Interface
7.1 Account Home
7.2 Class Home
7.3 Class Admin
7.4 School Admin (Administrator)
7.5 Reporting
7.5.1 Available Reports
7.5.2 Download Report Data
7.5.3 Send Message to Selected Students
7.5.4 Viewing Student History Across Multiple ALEKS classes
7.5.5 Interpreting Bar Graphs
7.5.6 Average Report (ALEKS pie chart)
7.5.7 Display Options for Average Report
7.5.8 ALEKS Pie Report for a Single Student (IEP Support)
7.5.9 Supporting Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)
7.5.10 Progress Monitoring
7.5.11 Progress Bar Reports
7.5.12 Learning progress since latest assessment
7.5.13 Best Performance over the last 6 months
7.5.14 Most recent progress
7.5.15 Most recent assessment
7.5.16 Total progress
7.5.17 Progress in assessment over the last 6 months
7.5.18 Full progress over the last 12 months
7.5.19 Progress Bar Report for a Single Student
7.5.20 Time and Topic Report
7.5.21 Class Time and Topic Report
7.5.22 Individual Time and Topic Report
7.5.23 Knowledge Per Slice
7.5.24 Assignment Reports
7.5.25 Scheduled Assessment Report
7.5.26 Quiz Reports (Quiz results)
7.5.27 Class State Standards Report
7.5.28 Individual State Standards Report
7.5.29 QuickTables Reports
7.5.30 Custom Reports
7.6 Taking Actions
7.7 Advanced
Chapter 8: Advanced Teacher Module
8.1 The ALEKS Advanced Teacher Module
8.2 View Student Progress
8.3 View Student Report
8.4 View Class Progress
8.5 View Class Report
8.6 Managing Classes
8.7 Create, Edit, View Quizzes
8.8 Schedule Class Assessment
8.9 Student Assessments
8.10 Managing Students
8.11 School Administrator
Chapter 9: Teaching with ALEKS
Chapter 10: Knowledge Spaces and the Theory Behind ALEKS
Chapter 11: Frequently Asked Questions
Chapter 12: Support
Appendix A: ALEKS Student User's Guide
Appendix B: Programs in ALEKS
B.1 Arithmetic - 3
B.2 Arithmetic - 4
B.3 Arithmetic - 5
B.4 Arithmetic - 6
B.5 LV3
B.6 LV4
B.7 LV5
B.8 MS/LV6
B.9 Essential Mathematics
B.10 MS RtI Tier 3
B.11 RtI 6
B.12 RtI 7
B.13 RtI 8
B.14 M.S. Math 1
B.15 M.S. Math 2
B.16 M.S. Math 3
B.17 Pre-Algebra
B.18 H.S. Prep. for Algebra 1
B.19 Foundations of H.S. Math
B.20 Algebra Readiness
B.21 Algebra 1A
B.22 CA Algebra 1A
B.23 Traditional Algebra 1A
B.24 Algebra 1B
B.25 CA Algebra 1B
B.26 Traditional Algebra 1B
B.27 Algebra 1
B.28 CA Algebra 1
B.29 Traditional Algebra 1
B.30 H.S. Geometry
B.31 Integrated Mathematics I
B.32 GPS Integrated H.S. Math I
B.33 Algebra 2
B.34 Algebra 2 with Trigonometry
B.35 Math Intervention
B.36 Mastery of SAT Math
B.37 PreCalculus
B.38 Trigonometry
B.39 Math for College Readiness
B.40 Math for College Success
B.41 Math for 4-Year College Success
B.42 Math Prep. for the CAHSEE
B.43 Prep. for FL Algebra 1 EOC Assessment
B.44 Prep. for FL Geometry EOC Assessment
B.45 Prep for IN Algebra 1 ECA
B.46 Prep for LA Algebra 1 EOC Assessment
B.47 Prep for LA Geometry EOC Assessment
B.48 Prep for MN Mathematics GRAD
B.49 Prep for PA Algebra 1 Keystone Exam
B.50 Prep for SC Algebra 1 EOC Examination
B.51 Prep for SC HSAP Mathematics
B.52 Prep for TX - STAAR Algebra 1
B.53 Prep for TX - STAAR Geometry
B.54 Math Prep. for TAKS -- HS Exit Exam
B.55 Prep for GED Mathematics
B.56 H.S. Prep. for Statistics
B.57 Intro. to Statistics
B.58 AP Statistics (Quantitative)
B.59 Prep. for AP Chemistry
B.60 AP Chemistry
B.61 Math Review for AP Calculus
B.62 Math Review for AP Physics
B.63 Fundamentals of Accounting (Corp)
B.64 Fundamentals of Accounting (Sole)
B.65 Business Math