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ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

7.5.7 Display Options for Average Report


Student Mastery

Figure 7.11: Student Mastery
Teachers can use the "Show" drop-down menu to filter the report by "Current Learning," "Most Recent Assessment," or "Initial Assessment."
  • "Current Learning" shows data based on the students' most recent progress in the Learning Mode.
  • "Most Recent Assessment" shows data based on the most recent assessment results.
  • "Initial Assessment" shows data based on the Initial Assessment.
Complete details on which topics students have mastered, not mastered, and are ready to learn in the class are available in the section below the pie chart and can be viewed by Objectives (if you are using Textbook Integration or Intermediate Objectives in the class) or ALEKS Table of Contents. Topics with the highest numbers of students "Ready To Learn" are the ones ripest for classroom presentation; trying to teach topics with low numbers in this display is more likely to produce boredom and frustration, because most students either have learned the topics already or are not yet ready to learn them.
Other features:
  • In either the ALEKS Table of Contents tab or the Objectives tab (when present), you can toggle between viewing and hiding topics.
  • To preview a sample problem of a topic, click on the topic name. ALEKS will generate a new instance of the problem each time you click on the topic.
  • If you click on a percent link for a topic you will see a breakdown of student mastery of that topic.
  • You can send a message to students directly from this report.
  • You can view additional topics that a group of students is ready to learn.
At the top of this report is a link "Generate Class Progress Summary." The PDF report produced by clicking this link contains a brief overview of each student's mastery of topics from Initial Assessment to current knowledge. This report has one Progress Summary page per student in the class; it is ideal for printing as a record of the student's progress.
Excel downloads. Students who have not taken an Initial Assessment will not be shown in this report but they will be shown in the Excel spreadsheets. There are two spreadsheets available for download, one showing the students' learning by the slices of the pie, the other showing the sub-slices as well. The Excel spreadsheet (Pie sub-slice) download shows the number of topics each student has mastered and the number of topics they are ready to learn for each sub-slice of the ALEKS Pie. If Objectives are used in the class, a third download link will be available to "Download Excel Spreadsheet (Objective)."

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