Major New Releases

The ALEKS product, platform, and artificial intelligence are regularly updated to best meet the needs of students and educators. Some of the major recent ALEKS releases are highlighted below. For more information, please reach out to MH Media Contacts.

ALEKS General, Organic, and Biochemistry Course Product: July 2020

organic structure drawing tool

ALEKS GOB is a major content and platform update, introducing a substantial amount of content focused on support for a one-semester GOB college course. This course also introduces a new organic structure drawing tool designed for ease and speed of use, and featuring unique and powerful grading capabilities. Instructors will find that the new content, combined with the adaptivity and customizability of ALEKS, is very helpful in ensuring that all students acquire mastery of the key concepts and skills they need to succeed in GOB classes, either traditional or online.

ALEKS Insights: June 2019

ALEKS has patented a machine learning technology called ALEKS Insights (U.S. Patent No. 10,713,965) to promptly alert educators to at risk students. ALEKS Insights provides email notification to instructors calling attention to students (a) who are not succeeding, (b) who cease succeeding, (c) who are excessively procrastinating, or (d) who are learning unrealistically fast. These formative insights enable instructors to take timely action to help the students that need it the most.