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“Before we used ALEKS, some of our students scored toward the bottom on the math portion of the state assessment in our 21-school district. After we implemented ALEKS, the same students had the top scores in the entire district.”
- James Zwerican, Teacher, Haas Elementary School, MI

“ALEKS makes me a better teacher and my students better learners! I have seen students progress more in one year with ALEKS than with any other program I have utilized in my 20 years of teaching.”
- Kara Guiff, Teacher, Oak Hill Junior High School, IN

“We used ALEKS as part of a remedial High School course for low-performing math students. Students showed more than a year’s growth on academic progress testing, and a few students went from third grade to nearing ninth grade proficiency.”
- Christalina Donovan, Teacher, Raton High School, NM

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Higher Education Math

"My experience with ALEKS has been effective, efficient, and eloquent. I LOVE the program. Our students' pass rates improved from 49 percent to 82 percent with ALEKS. We also saw increased retention in the next course. Students feel empowered as they guide their own learning through ALEKS. Several groups of students have emailed and contacted our department chair requesting ALEKS classes to enroll into in the next class."
- Eden Donahou, Professor, Seminole State College of Florida

Our Drop/Fail/Withdraw rates dropped by roughly 30 percent since we implemented a one-credit hybrid lab that uses ALEKS to focus on weak Algebra skills and enforce more time on task for students.”
- Kate Stevenson, California State University, Northridge

“ALEKS is the best program that I have ever worked with. ALEKS gives students confidence to go on. Many of my students who have previously given up on being able to understand math are successful for the first time with ALEKS.”
- Cynthia Rigsbee, John Wood Community College

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Higher Education Science

"The single most important effect that ALEKS has had is a fundamental shift in my office hours. Students are no longer asking me basic questions, but are instead asking about the very difficult, multi-concept, end-of-chapter questions. Even my weaker students are able to get to and focus on the more challenging questions. ALEKS is obviously helping students learn the background concepts, and I can now spend time in office hours and lecture integrating multiple concepts and going deeper into the material."
- Dr. Douglas Mulford, Senior Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Emory University, GA

"ALEKS has been a tremendous asset to my classroom. Students only work on concepts that they have proven they are ready to learn, allowing for a customized learning experience for each student. This is ideal for classrooms such as mine where students have diverse science and math backgrounds. ALEKS helps students to not only learn the material but to retain the knowledge. Students are able to put in as much or as little time as individually needed to MASTER the material. I have seen an increase in not only exam averages, but also final exam scores thanks to this program."
- Professor Robbie Montgomery, University of Tennessee Martin, TN

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Higher Education Business

Students using ALEKS performed significantly better than those who had not on the exams that tested the underlying financial accounting material. Furthermore, implementation of ALEKS resulted in better course management. I spent far less office-hour time tutoring students on financial accounting material. ALEKS provides a great way for educators teaching the introduction to accounting course to address the functional competencies (AICPA, 1999, 2000) of financial accounting in both an efficient and effective manner.”  
- Ryan J. Baxter and Jay C. Thibodeau, Bentley University, MA
Issues in Accounting Education: November 2011, Vol. 26, No. 4

"After I adopted ALEKS for my Principles of Accounting course, I got fewer and shorter lines for my office hours, and the class average jumped 10-15 percent overall.It is a win-win situation. Additionally, the ALEKS Support is exceptional; they are always very quick to respond and solve any problems."
- Associate Professor Fatma Cebenoyan, Hunter College, NY

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ALEKS is the next best thing to having a math tutor in your home every day, and - by far - more affordable! I have been thrilled with this program; it takes so much off of Mom and you know exactly where your student stands. ALEKS has made a huge difference for us!”
- Christy L., Homeschooling Parent, OH

Overall, ALEKS has been a very positive experience for us. I value the individualized curriculum, especially as a homeschooler. ALEKS holds my daughter to a high standard, and does not allow her to manipulate the system; she must either master the topic or revisit it later if she still does not understand it.”
- Dianne B., Homeschooling Parent, CA

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Independent Use

ALEKS changed my daughter’s perception of her math abilities. She used to say she was bad at math. She is in eighth grade and is now getting an A+ consistently in Algebra 1 at school. We love this program, and we will pick it up again in the summer to keep her skills fresh and to get her ready for the next school year. Thanks for a wonderful program.”
- Isabel M., Parent, CO

“ALEKS is a great program! Students are motivated because they can SEE their progress through the pie chart. They are motivated because they do not have to practice an endless number of problems to show that they understand the concepts presented in the lesson. They also have the freedom to choose which type of problem to work on from several different topic categories, which is especially motivating to middle school learners and above! We have been extremely pleased with ALEKS!
- Cindy W., Parent, GA

“Signing up for ALEKS allowed me to go from not knowing much at all to knowing just enough College Algebra to pass the placement test required to get into the class that I needed. I have not taken a math course since my junior year of high school - about nine years ago - and this brought me right back to where I needed to be within a matter of a few dedicated days. Thank you!”
- Alexander D., Student, AZ

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