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Issues in Accounting Education: Nov 2011, Vol. 26, No. 4, pp 647-656
"Does the Use of Intelligent Learning and Assessment Software Enhance the Acquisition of Financial Accounting Knowledge?"
Ryan J Baxter and Jay C. Thibodeau, Bentley University, MA

Students using ALEKS performed significantly better than those who had not on the exams that tested the underlying financial accounting material. Furthermore, implementation of ALEKS resulted in better course management. I spent far less office-hour time tutoring students on financial accounting material. ALEKS provides a great way for educators teaching the introduction to accounting course to address the functional competencies (AICPA, 1999, 2000) of financial accounting in both an efficient and effective manner.”  

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Advances in Accounting Education: Teaching and Curriculum Innovations, Vol 16, 1-9
"Is Intelligent Online Tutoring Software Useful in Refreshing Financial Accounting Knowledge?"
Mark Jackson and Betty Cossit, University of Nevada, Reno

“We confirm prior research findings that the number of terms that have transpired since a student took introductory financial accounting, whether they took the course at a two-year college, or if they needed to repeat the introductory course, are all negatively associated with performance in intermediate accounting. We find evidence that an online tutoring system, ALEKS, helps moderate these negative correlations. Results suggest that in upper division courses where student knowledge of underlying basic material is uneven, online tutors are an effective tool in bringing students up to an equal level of competence without sacrificing class time.”

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"After I adopted ALEKS for my Principles of Accounting course, I got fewer and shorter lines for my office hours, and the class average jumped 10-15 percent overall. It is a win-win situation. Additionally, the ALEKS Support is exceptional; they are always very quick to respond and solve any problems."

- Associate Professor Fatma Cebenoyan, Hunter College, NY

"With ALEKS, the issues that our finance majors were having with Intermediate Accounting have practically disappeared. ALEKS is self-contained enough that my students are no longer coming to my office hours asking for help with basic accounting and review. ALEKS is not only just preparing students for accounting, but it’s answering their questions."

- Professor Eric Kelley, University of Arizona

"Many students in my class used ALEKS this quarter... there is a high correlation of those students who went through ALEKS and who were very successful on the exam, which I was delighted to see."

- Professor David Ravetch, UCLA, CA

"There was a dramatic improvement in this [ALEKS] class compared to the average of all my other Financial Accounting classes over the past one and one-half years. Counting the grades of A, B, and C as passing grades, this class had a 35 percent improvement over the average of seven other Financial Accounting classes."

- Professor Harold Royer, Miami Dade Community College, FL

"I love ALEKS! It’s such an easy program to use. There's no way I could review all the material that ALEKS reviews in such depth and in such a short period of time. In the end, students understand that ALEKS helped them do better overall in the course and it helped them take their education more seriously."

- Professor Stefani Tate, University of Massachusetts-Lowell, MA

"I did well on the test because I used ALEKS. PERIOD."

- Student, Middlesex County College, NJ



Business Statistics

"I really am very pleased with the results in my class this semester after using ALEKS. I did an analysis that was significant at the 10 percent level, and found that for every 10 hours that the students put into ALEKS their final average increased by 2.2 points, I have never had a semester with results this good."

- Professor Terry Sexton, St Josephs College, NY

"I know ALEKS helped me get a better grade. I would have been very confused in the course if we did not use ALEKS."

- Student, Saint Joseph's University, PA

"I just want to say that ALEKS has helped me enormously thus far and I am actually 'getting it'. The explanations and patience that ALEKS provides are priceless. Thank you."

- Student, Virginia Western Community College, VA



Business Math

"Students commented that they liked going at their own pace, and felt a sense of accomplishment as they saw their pie chart fill up. These students were totally engrossed in doing math with the program. I was also surprised at how little they needed me for additional explanations."

- Professor Carol Smith, California State University, CA

"ALEKS replaces traditional practicals and lab sessions. It is of great help to students who lack practical skills."

- Professor Dirk Tempelaar, University of Maastricht, Netherlands

"ALEKS offered a lot of practice that I would have never done on my own, in a form that I loved. The format made me want to finish each pie segment as soon as possible."

- Student, San Francisco State University, CA