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Cost Savings

The True Costs of "Inexpensive" Placement Products

Many placement tests are inexpensive, which may be enticing for institutions. However, the true cost of a poor placement exam can have far-reaching negative effects. For students, placement into the proper math course is the first step to a successful college career. Being placed too high can make a student feel overwhelmed. Being placed too low can make a student feel unchallenged. Both situations can lead to a decrease in student motivation and success. ALEKS PPL represents a completely new and far more successful paradigm.


Improving D/F/W Rates in Math

Students who are successful in their first math course:

  • Are more likely to enroll in higher-level math courses
  • Experience a greater range of career options
  • Save on tuition - lowering the cost of re-instruction
  • Save on books and fees
  • Save 6+ months of class time

What could these changes mean for your institution?

  • Increased STEM enrollments
  • Better knowledge of what courses your students need
  • Accurate hiring of faculty and classroom scheduling
  • Maximizing student turnout and class participation
  • Increased retention of students at the institution
  • Increased state funding due to higher graduation rates
  • Lower advising costs
  • Lower admissions/registrar/services setup costs

To evaluate your institutions cost of placement, please visit, and click on the green tab for 2-year schools or the blue tab for 4-year schools. Then calculate your costs within our cost savings spreadsheet.