ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

Implementation Strategies

Our success stories encompass a wide variety of implementation models and best practices, from lecture-based to emporium labs to course redesigns. The flexibility of ALEKS made it simple and effective for these schools to improve their student success rates, and they are willing to share their strategies.

Baptist College of Health Sciences, TN
4 Year Baccalaureate-Granting College / Private

Scenario: I use ALEKS in a traditional course with a textbook.
Purpose: Preparation
ALEKS Course: Pre-Algebra

Gregory D. Freeman, Associate Professor
We use the Pre-Algebra section of ALEKS as a requirement of the course.


What challenges did your students or institution face prior to using ALEKS?
Students are sometimes not prepared for College Algebra.

Was ALEKS used in your course with all students or with targeted students?
All students.

Number of students who used ALEKS for the course and term:
Number of sections: 3
Number of students per ALEKS section: 19
Total students enrolled in this ALEKS course: 57

How do you structure your course periods with ALEKS?
Students work independently on ALEKS.

How often are students encouraged or required to use ALEKS?
Hours per week: 4


Please describe how you implement ALEKS into your course curriculum.
Students are oriented to ALEKS and then expected to complete the course in four weeks.

Do you cover ALEKS topics in a particular order?

Do you integrate a textbook with your course using ALEKS Textbook Integration? Please describe how you set up your chapter completion dates.

How often do you use the ALEKS Instructor Module?
I never use the Instructor Module.

How do you modify your regular instructional approach as a result of ALEKS?
I cover fewer topics at the beginning of class.


What percent of a student's grade does ALEKS make up?
12 percent.

How do you incorporate ALEKS into your grading system?
ALEKS is 60 points out of the possible 500 points for the course.

Is ALEKS assigned to your students as all or part of their homework responsibilities?
Yes. ALEKS is 60 percent of the students' homework responsibilities.

Do you require students to make regular amounts of progress in ALEKS?

How do you track student progress in ALEKS?
I use the Detailed Progress Report in ALEKS to track student performance.

Do you notice that students who spend more time in ALEKS perform better in the course than those students who spend less time in ALEKS?

Would you attribute any improved student performance in the course to ALEKS methodology or to some other factor?
I think that students who take ALEKS seriously are also serious about their other work.

Learning Outcomes

In general, how do the students feel about their progress in ALEKS?
Students feel that ALEKS is a worthwhile review of Pre-Algebra topics.

Best Practices

What challenges did you encounter when first implementing ALEKS and how can other instructors avoid these pitfalls?
We require students to complete ALEKS on their own time in four weeks. Time requirements are the primary pitfall.

What will you do differently when you implement ALEKS in your future course(s)?
I plan to emphasize the need to start ALEKS early.

Which ALEKS course product(s) have you used in the past?