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Research and Case Studies

ALEKS Placement, Preparation and Learning (ALEKS PPL) has significantly reduced failure rates and increased retention at many institutions. We encourage each institution we partner with to gather their own data and evaluate how they can continually improve math placement and subsequent course success. Below we highlight some case studies as well as independent research.

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ALEKS PPL Case Studies and Research Highlights

Click here to view a collection of case studies highlighting how institutions across the nation are seeing significant results with ALEKS PPL.


ALEKS PPL at Kent State University

Kent State University has been using ALEKS PPL since Fall 2011. Since then, students are performing better in their math courses and the rate of withdrawal has dropped. Watch the video to learn more about their story.



Click here to register for a web seminar hosted by your colleagues as they share the impact of using ALEKS PPL on their student success.


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