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Success Stories

ALEKS HE Math Success Stories

"My experience with ALEKS has been effective and efficient. Our students' pass rates improved from 49 percent to 82 percent with ALEKS. We also saw student retention rates increase by 12 percent in the next course. Students feel empowered as they guide their own learning through ALEKS."

- Eden Donahou, Seminole State College of Florida

"I attribute improved student performance to the use of ALEKS. When students come from so many different educational backgrounds, it is difficult to know which prerequisite topics they need help with. ALEKS is a great tool for determining where students need help, and for allowing students to bridge those gaps."

- Christy Jacobs, Washington State University

"We received impressive results using ALEKS in our Basic Math course with 28 out of 40 students, roughly 70 percent of our students, receiving a “C” or better -- a grade enabling them to progress to the next course. Our pass rate jumped from 41 percent to 75 percent in our first semester using ALEKS."

- Maria DeLucia, Middlesex County College

ALEKS HE Business Success Stories

Students using ALEKS performed significantly better than those who had not on the exams that tested the underlying financial accounting material. Furthermore . . . I spent far less office-hour time tutoring students on financial accounting material. ALEKS provides a great way for educators teaching the introduction to accounting course to address the functional competencies of financial accounting in both an efficient and effective manner.”

- Ryan J. Baxter and Jay C. Thibodeau, Bentley University, MA
Issues in Accounting Education: November 2011, Vol. 26, No. 4 (Full Abstract)

“Among other factors, the amount of time that has transpired since a student took intro financial accounting negatively impacts intermediate accounting performance . . . ALEKS partially or completely removes the disadvantages associated with this and other factors. Overall, the ALEKS program is accurate in its assessment of student knowledge, and is effective in refreshing students' understanding of introductory material in accounting.”

- Mark Jackson and Betty Cossit, University of Nevada, Reno
Research Paper presented at the AAA Western Annual Meeting, 2011 (Full Article)

"After I adopted ALEKS for my Principles of Accounting course, I got fewer and shorter lines for my office hours, and the class average jumped 10-15 percent overall. It's a win-win situation. Additionally, the ALEKS Support is exceptional; they are always very quick to respond and solve any problems."

- Fatma Cebenoyan, Hunter College, NY

ALEKS HE Science Success Stories

"The single most important effect that ALEKS has had is a fundamental shift in my office hours. Students are no longer asking me basic questions, but are instead asking about the very difficult, multi-concept, end-of-chapter questions. Even my weaker students are able to get to and focus on the more challenging questions. ALEKS is obviously helping students learn the background concepts, and I can now spend time in office hours and lecture integrating multiple concepts and going deeper into the material."

- Dr. Douglas Mulford, Senior Lecturer and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Emory University, GA

"Online homework had a significant and positive impact on final exam performance for all students, and for underrepresented groups in particular. ALEKS had a significantly larger positive impact than Mastering Chemistry."

- Dr. Jack Eichler, Lecturer, University of California Riverside, CA

"ALEKS has been a tremendous asset to my classroom. Students only work on concepts that they have proven they are ready to learn, allowing for a customized learning experience for each student. This is ideal for classrooms such as mine where students have diverse science and math backgrounds. ALEKS helps students to not only learn the material but to retain the knowledge. Students are able to put in as much or as little time as individually needed to MASTER the material. I have seen an increase in not only exam averages, but also final exam scores thanks to this program."

- Professor Robbie Montgomery, University of Tennessee Martin, TN

ALEKS HE Behavioral Science Success Stories

"ALEKS completely removed the achievement gap between different groups of students in my psych-stats course! ALEKS provides a potential solution to a critical national problem."
- Xiangen Hu, The University of Memphis, TN