ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

Homeschooling with ALEKS

ALEKS provides highly-targeted instruction that enables immediate success in learning new materials.

To maximize learning outcomes, ALEKS should be an integral part of a homeschooler’s mathematics curriculum. No single factor influences student success so much as time spent by students in ALEKS.

ALEKS Can Help You Homeschool Your Child By:

  • Delivering individualized instruction in a supportive learning environment.
  • Assessing your child to determine exactly what she knows, doesn't know, and is ready to learn next.
  • Continually developing a custom learning path by gradually introducing new material when your child is ready for it.
  • Offering complete explanations for every practice problem, including alternative explanations when appropriate.
  • Providing immediate feedback on every problem that your child attempts.
  • Regularly reassessing your child and assisting your child in reviewing topics to encourage knowledge retention.
  • Presenting the ALEKS Pie Chart so your child can always access a graphic representation of her progress towards completing a course.