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Implementation Strategies

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Lori Kephart
Arlington, WA
Scenario: Homeschool Supplemental Curriculum
Purpose: Extra Practice, Improve Skills
Time Spent in ALEKS: 2-4 hours per week
ALEKS Course: Algebra 1

Overall Experience:

I was given the opportunity to use a free one-month trial of ALEKS with my oldest son who is 12 years old. He was able to test in several levels before deciding to work on Algebra 1. My son enjoys ALEKS and feels that it is easy to comprehend. He particularly likes watching the pie chart fill up as he masters more and more skills.

What challenges did the student face in math prior to using ALEKS?

None really. In general, my son enjoys math.

What were you looking for in an online math tool?

As a supplemental tool, I needed something that would be engaging enough that my son would be willing to do the extra work. I wanted a program with good, clear instructions for the student, that didn't create more grading for the teacher.

What math progress has the student experienced since using ALEKS?

My son has demonstrated an increased confidence in math. He feels very good about his progress, and he particularly likes the pie chart showing what areas he has already mastered. He has worked ahead of his main textbook in several areas of math; now, when we get to those topics in the textbook, they are easier since they are no longer new material.