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Implementation Strategies

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Lia Wolf-McChesney
Herndon, VA
Scenario: Core Curriculum
Purpose: Preparation for Another Course or Program, Individualized Tutoring
Time Spent in ALEKS: 3 days per week
Total Time Spent Per Course: 63 hours per course
ALEKS Course: Business Math

Overall Experience:

ALEKS has a wonderfully intuitive user-interface, and an extremely effective means of teaching college-level math. I particularly enjoy the way that ALEKS presents course topics, allowing me to choose what I work on at any given time, based on my readiness. Educationally, I find ALEKS to be an excellent "custom tutor," and credit its innovative teaching methods with enabling me to successfully complete the first college-level math course in 20 years. I am also thrilled that several of the higher-level ALEKS math courses are approved by the American Council on Education (ACE) for college credit, and am extremely impressed with your excellent customer service.

What challenges did the student face in math prior to using ALEKS?

Honestly, it had been so long since I'd taken a formal math class; I'd pretty much forgotten all but the basics. Consequently, I was very nervous about meeting the math requirements for my course of study.

What were you looking for in an online math tool?

Initially, I was looking for a comprehensive math tutoring program that would enable me to later "CLEP out" of my school's math requirements, by way of a proctored exam that awards college credit upon completion.

What math progress has the student experienced since using ALEKS?

I now know how to calculate various business and research statistics, and have successfully fulfilled that particular curriculum requirement for my school.

How does the student feel about his/her progress in ALEKS?

Wonderful! I am thrilled with the whole experience. I now know that I can successfully complete college-level math courses! This is a huge change for me, because I was math-phobic, and nervous about the PreCalculus requirement for my school prior to ALEKS.

Are there any best practices you would like to share with other ALEKS users?

The best suggestion I can give is to work through assessments slowly and carefully read the wording of the assessment questions; a very slight change in wording can indicate different required formulas.