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Implementation Strategies

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Ali Christy
Carney, MI
Scenario: Homeschool Core Curriculum
Purpose: Accommodate Learning Disabilities
Time Spent in ALEKS: 30-60 minutes per day, 2 days per week
ALEKS Course: Essential Mathematics (with QuickTables)

Overall Experience:

After using another math program for the first six grades with our mildly autistic daughter, she hit a wall and began to have difficulty with math. We tried several other curriculums, but found that ALEKS was the only program that motivated her. ALEKS is great! She no longer needs extra direction from me; she is content working with the computer.

What challenges did the student face in math prior to using ALEKS?

My daughter was simply no longer motivated by her math curriculum.

What were you looking for in an online math tool?

I was desperate for a program that could both motivate and teach the material. I'm thankful that we found it in ALEKS.

What math progress has the student experienced since using ALEKS?

I have seen an increase in my daughter's abilities as a result of the great feedback ALEKS provides; the instant corrections are very helpful.

How does the student feel about his/her progress in ALEKS?

My daughter is very happy with her progress in ALEKS. The visual record ALEKS provides through the pie chart makes her feel good about her efforts.

Are there any best practices you would like to share with other ALEKS users?

It is important to provide enough room for students to solve the problems before entering their answers into the computer.