ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

Training Center

Learn more about ALEKS features and how to maximize your use via the online Training Center. Pre-recorded trainings are conveniently available for your viewing. 

Training Tutorials

Getting the Most Out of Your Master Account
An overview on how to use ALEKS features to manage student progress.
View: Video Video | PDF PDF

Editing Your Student's Account
An overview on how to easily make changes to your student's account.
Total Time: 1 min 40.

Adding a New Student to Your Master Account
A step-by-step guide on how to add a new student to your account.
Total Time: 2 min 05.

Creating a Quiz and Reviewing Quiz Results
An overview on how to create a Quiz and review Quiz results.
Total Time: 5 min 23.

Reading a Progress Report for Your Student
An overview on how to read and interpret your student's progress report.
Total Time: 1 min 42.

Reading Your Student's Pie Chart
An overview on how to read and interpret your student's pie chart.
Total Time: 2 min 56.