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K-12: FAQs

Grants and Funding 

What types of grants are available?
What is the difference between a grant from a corporation or organization and a government grant?
Are there alternative funding options available?

How ALEKS Can Be Used 

What types of grants does ALEKS qualify for?
The grant I'm applying for needs background information about ALEKS. How can I obtain this?

There are many different funding sources are available to K-12 institutions, including government grants and grants from corporations and private organizations. A listing of available grants that can help you purchase ALEKS at your institution can be found here.

Grants from a corporation or organization are typically awarded to institutions or individuals at the class, school, or district level. These grants can also be made available to certain cities, counties, and states, or nationwide. These grants are typically awarded by board members and applicants usually need to meet set criteria or goals outlined by the board.

Most government grants are available at the state or federal level and are awarded by the US Department of Education or a state’s Department of Education. These grants are subject to certain eligibility requirements and usually have very strict deadlines, so be sure to examine each grant fully before applying. To learn more about federal grants and to register to apply for government grants, please visit

Yes! You can find funding for your institution’s ALEKS purchases in a variety of ways including traditional fundraisers, parent contributions, community donations, and more.

Since ALEKS offers flexible implementation to meet a variety of instructional uses, the program qualifies for many different grant types. ALEKS can be used for intervention, gifted, ESL/ELL, Special Education, RtI, distance learning, summer school, afterschool programs, and much more. To see additional examples of how ALEKS is used to increase math achievement, please view our Implementation Strategies database.

For more information about ALEKS and how it qualifies for various funding sources, please visit our Grant Writing Assistance section or download the PDF here.