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ALEKS - Assessment and Learning
Table of contents Table of contents
1. Teacher Login and Password 1. Teacher Login and Password
2. Teacher Module Overview 2. Teacher Module Overview
3. Course Selection 3. Course Selection
4. Creating a Class 4. Creating a Class
5. Student Registration 5. Student Registration
6. Reports 6. Reports
7. Best Practices 7. Best Practices
8. Student Module Overview 8. Student Module Overview
9. ALEKS Teacher Resources 9. ALEKS Teacher Resources

3. Course Selection

When using ALEKS, course selection is very important. The selected course should be one that best fits the needs of your students as well as the goals set for those students. Students need to be in the correct ALEKS course in order to succeed. At any time, you may move students to a new course.*

Students should spend at least 3-5 hours per week working in ALEKS. The more time spent making progress, the more dramatic your students’ learning outcomes will be.

For the Course Recommendations Guide, go to www.aleks.com/k12/course_products and click on the “View K-12 Course Recommendations” link.

Course Placement
You can also go directly to:


15/85 RULE:

If students complete over 85% of their pies after the Initial Assessment, we recommend moving them to a more advanced course; if students complete less than 15%, we recommend moving them to a less challenging course.

As soon as your students have completed the Initial Assessment, view the Learning Progress Since Latest Assessment Report to get their scores. See Reports for details.

* ALEKS is a subscription-based product, so a student may be moved to a new course at any time for no additional cost during the duration of their subscription.

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