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ALEKS - Assessment and Learning
Table of contents Table of contents
1. Teacher Login and Password 1. Teacher Login and Password
2. Teacher Module Overview 2. Teacher Module Overview
3. Course Selection 3. Course Selection
4. Creating a Class 4. Creating a Class
5. Student Registration 5. Student Registration
6. Reports 6. Reports
7. Best Practices 7. Best Practices
8. Student Module Overview 8. Student Module Overview
9. ALEKS Teacher Resources 9. ALEKS Teacher Resources

2. Teacher Module Overview

All of your ALEKS classes will be listed here.
To learn how to create additional classes, see Creating a Class.
Teacher Account Navigation The Home link takes you to the main page for the selected course.
The Class Admin link allows you to customize your class, set additional preferences, and move students.
The Reporting link allows you to view numerous reports at both the class and individual student level.
The Taking Actions link lets you create quizzes and manage worksheets for your students.

The Advanced link is for users who want to take full advantage of ALEKS. For instance, the Advanced Teacher Module provides the most efficient way to move students from one class to another using a simple drag-and-drop method. It is the ultimate tool for the ALEKS power user.

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