ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

Implementation Strategies

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Indian Trail Elementary, Union County Public Schools
Indian Trail, NC

Grade(s): K - 5
Scenario: Computer Lab, Computers in Classroom, Home Access
Purpose: Enrichment/Gifted and Talented, Supplement
ALEKS Portion of Curriculum: 10%
Time Spent in ALEKS: 1 hour per week
ALEKS Course: Mathematics - LV 4 (with QuickTables), Mathematics - LV 5 (with QuickTables)

Jodi Hindes, Teacher
The ALEKS program has motivated my students to practice math skills and push themselves to learn content beyond the classroom. Students are proud to be accountable for their learning. They are excited to use the computer and learn at their own pace.


What challenges did the class or school face in math prior to using ALEKS?
It was challenging to keep those students who were ready to move forward challenged while the other students were mastering material.

How many days per week is class time dedicated to ALEKS?
2 days per week.

What is the average length of a class period when ALEKS is used?
20 minutes.


How do you implement ALEKS?
The students are assigned the course that corresponds to their grade. The students work in the different areas as they choose.

Do you cover ALEKS concepts in a particular order?
The students usually choose their own topics.

How do you structure your class period with ALEKS?
When students are practicing the lesson, they may work on ALEKS if they understand the lesson and are successful with the material.

How did you modify your regular teaching approach as a result of ALEKS?
I can teach quick lessons for those who are ready to move forward, or I can re-teach a lesson that is proving difficult.

How often are students required or encouraged to work on ALEKS at home?
They are required to use ALEKS for at least 15 minutes for homework.

How do you cultivate parental involvement and support for ALEKS?
The parents enjoy the fact that their children are able to learn what they are ready to learn.


Is ALEKS assigned to your students as all or part of their homework responsibilities? If so, what part of the total homework load is it?
It is part of the homework.

How do you incorporate ALEKS into your grading system?
I use ALEKS for grades when I assign an assessment.

Do you require students to make regular amounts of progress in ALEKS?
I haven't required certain progress, but it happens naturally.

Learning Outcomes

Since using ALEKS, please describe the learning outcomes or progress you have seen.
Students are proud to be accountable for their learning. They are excited to use the computer and learn at their own pace.