ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

Implementation Strategies

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Hillcrest Seventh-Day Adventist Elementary School, Private
Saint Louis, MO

Grade(s): 5 - 8
Scenario: Computers in Classroom
Purpose: Core Curriculum
ALEKS Portion of Curriculum: 85%
Time Spent in ALEKS: 4-5 hours per week, 55 hours per term
ALEKS Course: Mathematics - LV 3 (with QuickTables), Mathematics - LV 5 (with QuickTables), RtI 7, Middle School Math Course 2

Kenneth McHenry, Principal
I put 4-5 students on ALEKS for about an hour each day. I love that students are working at their individual level. As the students work, I float between computers and teach five or six-minute mini-lessons. Students make very good progress using ALEKS.


What challenges did the class or school face in math prior to using ALEKS?
Everyone was at a different level of mastery.

How many days per week is class time dedicated to ALEKS?
5 days per week.

What is the average length of a class period when ALEKS is used?
60 minutes.


How do you implement ALEKS?
ALEKS is used as my core curriculum.

Do you cover ALEKS concepts in a particular order?
I encourage students to work on a variety of topics, keeping their pie slices (topic areas) as even as possible.

How do you structure your class period with ALEKS?
All the students use ALEKS for one hour in the morning.

How did you modify your regular teaching approach as a result of ALEKS?
I teach many individualized mini-lessons as needed.

How often are students required or encouraged to work on ALEKS at home?
Those with Internet at home use it often.

How do you cultivate parental involvement and support for ALEKS?
I share the results from the student's Initial Assessment and subsequent progress to graphically show progress with parents. For example, I share that "this student started at 53 percent mastery, and has worked up to 86 percent overall mastery in 27 hours of ALEKS time."


Is ALEKS assigned to your students as all or part of their homework responsibilities? If so, what part of the total homework load is it?

Do you require students to make regular amounts of progress in ALEKS?
No. Students move around their pie charts and progress at their pace. Some students are quicker than others.

Learning Outcomes

Since using ALEKS, please describe the learning outcomes or progress you have seen.
Students who put in the time are able to increase their course mastery significantly. Students also love to see their pie slices grow as they master topics.

Best Practices

Are there any best practices you would like to share with other teachers implementing ALEKS?
I was quite impressed, and ALEKS has proven to do all it claims it can do.