ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

Implementation Strategies

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Our Savior Lutheran School, Private
Aiea, HI

Grade(s): K - 12
Scenario: Computer Lab
Purpose: After-School, Supplement
ALEKS Portion of Curriculum: Varies
Time Spent in ALEKS: 2 hours per week
ALEKS Course: Mathematics - LV 3 (with QuickTables), Mathematics - LV 4 (with QuickTables), Mathematics - LV 5 (with QuickTables), Algebra 1

Margaret Ulm, Student Personal and Academic Support Counselor


What challenges did the class or school face in math prior to using ALEKS?
Students lacked the ability to stay on task and focus.

How many days per week is class time dedicated to ALEKS?
3-5 days per week.

What is the average length of a class period when ALEKS is used?
15-30 minutes.


How do you implement ALEKS?
We implemented ALEKS through the learning center recently.

Do you cover ALEKS concepts in a particular order?

How do you structure your class period with ALEKS?
ALEKS is used after school and during study halls.

How did you modify your regular teaching approach as a result of ALEKS?
My regular teaching approach did not change.

How often are students required or encouraged to work on ALEKS at home?
We are currently testing this with two students.

How do you cultivate parental involvement and support for ALEKS?
We request assistance with the cost of the program.


Is ALEKS assigned to your students as all or part of their homework responsibilities? If so, what part of the total homework load is it?

Do you require students to make regular amounts of progress in ALEKS?
I use the program to show results in testing. Students see the results in their testing, therefore are motivated to keep using the program.

Learning Outcomes

Since using ALEKS, please describe the learning outcomes or progress you have seen.
Top notch! The students say it's challenging and difficult, but they love it and can't get enough.

Best Practices

Are there any best practices you would like to share with other teachers implementing ALEKS?
The learning center is a non-grading, non-threatening environment. It's directed by students to have self-motivation for the desire to learn. The ALEKS program provides everything a student needs: immediate feedback, help, explanation, solutions, knowledge of what they know, and what they need to learn!