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Welcome to ALEKS!

Below are resources that can help you quickly and easily get started on the path to success with your ALEKS implementation! These resources include documents, videos, and more to help you get the most out of your ALEKS experience in the classroom. We recommend bookmarking this page for easy access!

Don’t have much time or want a quick overview of the most important features in ALEKS? Look for resources marked with (*) – these are the most important features you need to know!

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What is ALEKS?

If you’re brand new to ALEKS, you may have questions about how the program works. These videos explain the science and history behind ALEKS, as well as a general overview of the ALEKS experience.

Resources Video Tutorial
How ALEKS Works
A brief, animated video that explains the science behind ALEKS and how it helps students succeed in math.
Getting to Know ALEKS*
A pre-recorded initial walkthrough of the student and instructor accounts in ALEKS.

What is Available in My Instructor Account?

The Instructor Module contains many different features to help you direct and monitor student learning in your classroom. Use the resources below to navigate your account and learn more about the features available to you.

Resources Video Tutorial
How to Log In and Navigate the Instructor Module
A brief video that demonstrates how to log in and navigate through your Instructor Account.
Instructor Module Reference Guide*
Detailed overview of the tools and features in your Instructor Account - we recommend you download this resource for quick access at any time!
At-a-Glance Task Guide*
A printable "cheat sheet" to help you locate essential tasks in the Instructor Module.
User Guide for Instructors
Looking for a comprehensive analysis of the features in your Instructor Account? Download this user guide for an in-depth examination of the functionality of ALEKS features and best practices.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is easy with ALEKS! The resources below walk you through class creation and student enrollment.

Resources Video Tutorial
Creating a Class*
This video provides a step-by-step walkthrough on how to create a class in ALEKS.
Choosing an ALEKS Student Registration Method
Need guidance on the best registration method for your class or school? Use this chart to determine which registration method best fits your needs.
Pre-Registering Students*
This video covers our most popular registration method: class-level pre-registration.
Student Self-Registration
These resources detail how students can self-register for their ALEKS class.
Video PDF
Batch Registration
If you’re an ALEKS administrator and need assistance with how to register a large group of students at your school or district, this document is for you!
Class Roster
After you’ve registered your students, watch this detailed overview of how you can easily view student enrollment information.

How Can I Customize My Class in ALEKS?

There are many ways you can customize ALEKS to best fit the needs of you and your students. These resources below can help you learn more about optional features such as integrating a textbook and creating resources.

Resources Video Tutorial
Class Summary Overview*
These resources offer a detailed overview of the various sections within the Class Summary. The Class Summary contains many settings you’ll need to get started with your students!
Video PDF
Integrating a Textbook
Using a textbook with ALEKS? Watch this video to learn how you can easily direct student learning by integrating your textbook.
Creating Objectives
Looking to further customize your students’ ALEKS experience? This detailed video can help you navigate this advanced feature.
Creating Class and Topic-Level Resources
This video explains how you can add external resources to enrich students’ ALEKS experience.

How Do I Introduce ALEKS to My Students?

Once you have your class(es) set up, it’s time to introduce ALEKS to your students! The resources below can be used to inform your students (and their parents/guardians) how ALEKS works and what they can expect from the program.

Resources Video Tutorial
Student Account Overview*
These resources offer an in-depth overview of the student experience in ALEKS and should be shared with students at the beginning of their ALEKS class.
Video Coming Soon!
Parent and Guardian Letter
Share this letter with parents and guardians to explain how ALEKS works and what their student will experience in the program.

How Do I Monitor Student Progress?

Once your students have started working in ALEKS, you can use ALEKS Reports to monitor their progress and guide their learning.

Resources Video Tutorial
Introduction to ALEKS Reports*
These resources offer an in-depth look at the various reports ALEKS offers instructors.
Video PDF
ALEKS Pie Report Overview
Watch a detailed overview of the ALEKS Pie Report with implementation tips and more.
ALEKS Progress Report Overview
Watch a detailed overview of the ALEKS Progress Report with implementation tips and more.

What Else Should I Know?

Your Instructor Module offers many different resources and features to help you implement ALEKS successfully with your students! If you need additional implementation assistance or require technical support, use the resources below to learn more.

  • ALEKS Training Center*
    This webpage offers complimentary live webinars, as well as additional on-demand implementation videos and resources.
  • ALEKS Customer Support*
    Need technical assistance? Use this webform to contact ALEKS Customer Support at any time.
  • Implementation Strategies
    Looking for additional ideas on how to implement ALEKS in your classroom? Use this detailed database to sort through stories from fellow ALEKS educators based on scenario, grade level, and more.
  • ALEKS Community
    This instructor forum allows educators to share ideas and best practices with fellow ALEKS users.