ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.2.17 Homework, Quiz, and Test Results


Homework Results

Figure 6.23: Homework Results
Fig. 6.23 shows the report page for Homework; the report pages for Quiz and Test are practically identical. For each student, we see the date the assignment was submitted, the percentage score, and the grade (if a grading scale was assigned). Clicking on the student's name gives a menu of all Homework (resp. Quiz, Test) results for that student; clicking on the submission date gives a detailed report on the assignments for the student, with access to the actual questions and the student's answers, showing the point values awarded. Point values can be adjusted manually by the instructor if necessary. At the bottom of the detailed results view is a link to delete the results; if this is done and the assignment is still active, the student will be able to retake the assignment.
Above the main display and to the right, ALEKS shows the average score for the course and the number of students who have submitted the assignment out of the total in the course. Also, there are links at the top left to "Per Question Results," with a breakdown of the students' overall success on each question of the assignment, and "Detailed Student Results," which summarizes success or failure on each question for each student. Results are analyzed to considerable depth; keep on clicking the hyperlinks in this area to see all the available connections.