ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.6.9 Share Course Access


Instructors can share access to their courses with TAs (Teaching Assistants) and other instructors by assigning access levels through the Share Course Access feature. Clicking on the Share Course Access feature will pop up a window displaying a summary of how to use this feature. This pop-up window will continue to appear each time the feature is selected, until the instructor assigns access levels. Only TAs and Instructors who have been set up in ALEKS will be included in the list of instructors to share the course with.
The instructor of the course will have three options for assigning an access level:

Read Only
TAs and instructors can review and download reports in ALEKS. Read Only access will prohibit modifications to the Gradebook, assignments, or any other course settings.

TAs and instructors can review reports in ALEKS. Gradebook access will allow changes to Gradebook scores. No other course modifications are allowed.

TAs and instructors can modify the Gradebook, assignments, and many other course settings. Only a few settings cannot be modified, such as "Delete Course" and "Move Course."
When an instructor or TA shares a course with another instructor, the course will be displayed on the Home tab in ALEKS, with the instructor's name in italics.
NOTE. College administrators always have full access to all courses within the school. "Sharing" is not necessary with administrators.