ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.4.12 Worksheets


Worksheet Options

Figure 6.34: Worksheet Options
This tab lets you create individual worksheets for students in the class, or view worksheets that have been created in the past. Students also have the ability to print their own worksheets (Sec. 5.2.11).
To create a worksheet for a single student, select a student from the list.
Worksheet Options. Located to the right of the Manage Worksheets screen is the "Worksheet Options" link. There are several options available for worksheets in ALEKS (Fig. 6.34). Worksheets consist of 16 questions; by default, these are drawn from the student's recent learning history, but optionally four of the 16 may be chosen from material that the student may be working on soon ("Ready to Learn Questions"). Instructors can also manually select their own worksheet combination by using the drop-down menus to specify the number of "Review Questions" or "Ready to Learn Questions," to include in the worksheet. If this option is chosen, worksheets must have at least one question.
By default, the instructor always receives messages in ALEKS with the answers to worksheets that students have generated independently. This option can be turned off.
Other options are: to remind the students to print a worksheet at the end of an ALEKS session; to let students see the answers to their own worksheets; and always to "refresh" the worksheet content when a new worksheet is printed (by default, it is refreshed only if the student has done some work in Learning Mode).