ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.6 Administrator Center


Administrator Center

Figure 6.38: Administrator Center
The Administrator Center is used for the management of student enrollment in your classes (Fig. 6.38). You can edit student account information, unenroll students or move them to new classs, and delete empty classes. You can also obtain a list of all classes and Class codes.


6.6.1 View Class Roster
6.6.2 Student Account Preferences
6.6.3 Move a Student from this Class to Another
6.6.4 Unenroll a Student from this Class
6.6.5 Access this Course Forum
6.6.6 Delete this Class
6.6.7 Objective Display Options
6.6.8 Financial Aid Code
6.6.9 Student Groups
6.6.10 Share Course Access
6.6.11 Course Resources
6.6.12 View all your Classes and Class Codes
6.6.13 Create a New Instructor Account (Admin only)
6.6.14 Password Issues (Admin only)
6.6.15 Instructor Account Preferences (Admin only)
6.6.16 Move a Class from One Instructor to Another (Admin only)
6.6.17 Delete an Instructor Account (Admin only)