ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

7.4.4 Textbook Integration


If an instructor chooses to customize the class after it has been created, the next page presented will be the Class Content Customization. Here, several choices can be made about the structure of the class, the first being whether to integrate a textbook or not. If a textbook is chosen from the list of available choices using the dropdown menu, ALEKS will automatically place chapter and section references to this textbook on the students' explanation pages.
Textbooks appearing in the list with "ALEKS 360" after the name are available with an optional eBook (Sec. 7.4.11).
One choice in the list of textbooks is the ALEKS Curriculum, which is a division of the topics based on the slices of the ALEKS Pie rather than chapters of a textbook. This choice enables student learning to be structured without the use of a specific textbook.