ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.8.7 Administrative Reports


There are a variety of reports available to administrators. These reports help monitor the institution's progress in terms of student and course performance across applicable standards. To access the reports, click on Reports and then select a report.

Custom Reports
Is a powerful tool that can help administrators gather important metrics to show how institutions, instructors, and courses are performing in comparison with each other. To access the report, make a selection in each tab until the level of the desired report is reached, click Reports, and then click Custom Reports. See Sec. 6.3.24 for more details about this feature.

Shows the total number of students ever enrolled in ALEKS at the institution, and the numbers of students active in the system during the last week, the last month, and the last three months (optionally 12 months). For each of these intervals, it also shows the average number of hours spent weekly by the students who were active in ALEKS.

Course Activity
Shows the number of students who worked in ALEKS or QuickTables each month and the average hours worked each week.

Common Core Report
Details student performance against applicable standards, for all students at the college who have taken an Initial Assessment between specified dates. Additional selection criteria are Mastery Criterion, the percentage used by ALEKS to determine that a standard has been mastered, and the "Hours cut off," the amount of time used to compare two groups of students. For example, if the "Hours cut off" is set to 30 hours, the performance of students who have used ALEKS for less than 30 hours will be compared with that of students who have used ALEKS for at least 30 hours.

Server Stats: Page Hits
Presents a graph of page hits over time by users of ALEKS at the college. The "Data Range" menu can be used to set the time period that is graphed. Beneath the graph a range of summary statistics may appear, depending on the time span chosen.

Server Stats: User Hour
Is similar to the "Server Stats: Page Hits" report, but graphs the number of user-hours over time.