ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

4.2 Guidelines for Assessments


ALEKS assessments are an important part of the ALEKS program. It is essential that assessments be conducted according to certain guidelines. If there is an atmosphere permitting disturbances or distractions, students may not do their best. If assessment results are inaccurate, the system will give the student inappropriate problems and progress will initially be impaired. The system will recover and find the right level, but the student may still experience a degree of frustration. In order to avoid this, it is strongly recommended that the first assessment be taken under the instructor's supervision (Sec. 3.7).
All students being assessed need paper and pencil. A basic calculator is part of ALEKS, and will be available when appropriate. It is important that no assistance be given to the student. Explaining or rephrasing a problem should be avoided; this is considered inappropriate help. Students should be instructed to use the I don't know button only when they are completely unfamiliar with the topic. It is not possible to return to previous assessment questions. Students should not click their browser's Back or Forward buttons when using ALEKS.