ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.5.6 Advanced Options


STEP 4. The Prevent automatic assessments option allows you to postpone automatic assessments for up to 7 days prior to the beginning of the assignment (defaults to 2 days). Postponed automatic assessments will occur as soon as the assignment is completed or its end date passes. Objective completion assessments will only be delayed up until the start date of the assignment. Extensions are not taken into account (Sec. 6.5.8).
The instructor can choose whether to assign the Homework to the entire course or only to some students in the course (including a single student, or no students). If you click the option for "specific student(s)," you will see a list of the names of students in the course with checkboxes.
NOTE. When an assignment is scheduled for some students, rather than the entire course, the assignment will be considered extra credit in the ALEKS gradebook. This ensures that the assignment will not hurt any student's grade.
Next, you will be given the choice of how your students will access the Homework assignment. There are two options:

Students choose when to start Homework assignment after it is available

Students have the flexibility to choose when to start the Homework assignment so that they can continue to work in other parts of ALEKS without being forced into the assignment.

Included in this option is the ability to password-protect the Homework assignment, providing more control of when and where the Homework assignment can be taken.

Students must begin the Homework assignment as soon as it is available
Students are "forced" into the Homework assignment as soon as they log in, once it becomes available. With this option, students will not be able to work in any other areas of ALEKS until they have completed the Homework assignment. See Sec. 6.5.10 for examples of how ALEKS will behave when this option is used.