ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.5.3 Name & Date


STEP 1. This step allows the instructor to select a name for the assignment and the start date and time and end date and time for the Homework. The Homework will be available to the students during this period. By default, the start date and time is when you begin creating the Homework; the end date and time is 11:59 PM of the same day. This section additionally includes other accessibility parameters that can be selected.

A sequential name for the Homework will be generated (e.g., Homework 1, Homework 2, etc.), or the instructor can choose a name.

Normally, the Homework will be left Enabled; if you wish to keep it hidden for the time being, change the Status to Disabled using the drop-down menu.

Start Date and End Date
Enter the Start Date and Time and the End Date and Time defining the period when the assignment will be available to students.

If IP addresses are used to restrict access to assignments to within the college, a Location drop-down menu will be available (Sec. 6.8.1).

Time Limit
By default, there is no time limit on a Homework, but one may be assigned.

Allow students to save this assignment for later and go back to Learning Mode
By checking this box, instructors can allow students to start an assignment and then save it to complete later. A Save for Later button will be available for students to click when taking the assignment. This will permit students to work in Learning Mode or on other assignments before finishing the assignment. This option is not available for timed assignments.

Publish this Homework to the student calendar
The assignment is normally published to the student calendar, but this can be disabled.

Allow student access to Worked Example while working on this Homework
Instructors have the option to activate the Worked Example for any given homework.