ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.5.4 Content


STEP 2. There are several ways to select the topics that the Homework assignment will cover.

Selecting Specific Topics

Using the directory on the left-hand side of the Selector window, select the topics you wish to include, and click on the Add button underneath the Selector. Shift and Ctrl can be used for easy selection of multiple topics. If Textbook Integration is used (Sec. 6.4.4) the directory may be organized by the textbook. If Textbook Integration is not used then the topics will be organized using ALEKS's own categories, or the instructor can select to organize the topics by Standard if this option is available. If TREC items were added to the class, there will be an extra folder available that contains prerequisite topics (Sec. 6.4.9).

Select the All Assignments tab to create a Homework that contains the same topics used in another Homework, Quiz, or Test.

Selecting Random Topics
Another way to add questions is to specify the number of questions and the chapter from which they are to be taken, then click Add above the Selector window. The questions will be chosen at random from the chapter or standard you specify. You can also do this for different sections, then Shuffle (randomize) them if desired. The total number of questions on the Homework cannot be less than 1 or greater than 60.
To remove topics from the Homework, select them on the right-hand side and click the Remove button. The order of topics can be changed by dragging them in the list, or by selecting them and using the up and down arrows. Or, you can randomize the order by clicking the Shuffle button.
Instructors can modify the points assigned to each topic, ranging from 1 point up to 99 points. This allows some topics to be weighted more heavily on the assignment than others.
To see a sample question for a topic, double-click on the name of the topic. This is not the question that your students will see; the actual questions appearing on the assignment will be generated algorithmically at the time the Homework is taken. Each student will see a different question, but it will be equivalent to the sample question in topic and difficulty.