ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.5.1 Course Assignments


Assignment Status

Figure 6.51: Assignment Status
Assignments that have been created for a course can be viewed by clicking on the Assignments option. The Assignments link will display a table showing all assignments in the course (Fig. 6.51). By default the list is sorted by end date, then the name of the assignment. The list can also be sorted based on other columns as well. The table includes the following information: Assignment Name, Type of assignment, Start Date, End Date, Goal Details, Status of the assignment, and a Report option to display the results of the assignment per student.
Possible Status values are:

The assignment is currently available.

The assignment will be available at a future date.

The assignment due date has passed.

The assignment has been set up as Disabled in Step 1 on the assignment setup screen.
Clicking on the box next to one of the assignments will display a list of Actions available for that assignment. Clicking on more than one assignment at a time will limit the actions available.
Available Actions are:

Instructors can modify an existing assignment in the course.

Quick Edit
Instructors can adjust the Assignment Name, Start Date and Time, End Date and Time, and Status.

Instructors can print up to five different instances of this assignment (Homework, Test, or Quiz).

View Report
Instructors can view a report showing each student's result on the assignment.

Instructors can make a duplicate copy of an existing assignment in the current course.

Selecting the More action will display additional options.

Shift Start and End Dates
Instructors can adjust the selected assignment Start and End Dates forward or backward by a selected number of days.

Set Start and End Dates
Instructors can set the selected assignment start date and time and end date and time.

Instructors can delete the selected assignment.