ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.3.6 ALEKS Pie



Figure 6.12: ALEKS Pie
Small illustration of this paragraph in left-hand margin. The course report shows the average learning for the course and a detailed view of topic mastery (Fig. 6.12).
This report only includes results for students who have completed at least an Initial Knowledge Check. The ALEKS Pie Mastery for all students in the course and the number of topics completed are initially displayed in the top right.
Instructors can use this report to determine where students are in the course, specifically, what topics they have mastered, have not mastered, are ready to learn, have lost in knowledge check, or have attempted but not mastered (Fig. 6.13). This information can be used to plan classroom instruction, group students based on their knowledge and level of readiness, and communicate directly with these groups.