ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.3.18 Course Time and Topic Report


Course Time and Topic Report

Figure 6.24: Course Time and Topic Report
The following points describe the features of the course Time and Topic Report (Fig. 6.24):
  • The report can be viewed in intervals ranging from 1 week up through 20 weeks. The time period can be adjusted by clicking on the Change Date Range link.
  • The graph shows for each day the total time, average time, total topics, or average topics.
  • The report displays the number of students enrolled in the course, the number of students logged in to ALEKS, and the amount of time each student has spent working in ALEKS on a daily basis.
  • The number of topics mastered versus the number attempted is displayed below the daily time log.
  • If a student has spent some time on an ALEKS knowledge check during that day, the session will be marked with a blue triangle in the upper right-hand corner.
  • The total amount of time shown for a specific day includes time spent in Learning Mode, as well as any quizzes, homework, review problems, or knowledge check the student has done.
  • Clicking on an individual student name will take you to the Individual Time and Topic report for that student (Sec. 6.3.19).