ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.4.11 Content Editor


The Content Editor is mainly for use in courses where objectives are not in use. If an instructor removes a substantial number of fundamental topics from the course, the Topic Recommendation Tool will calculate whether any prerequisite topics are missing, and allow the instructor to add them back for optimal learning (Sec. 6.4.9).
To access the Content Editor from the Course Summary, locate the Course Content section, and then click on Edit next to Content Customization. On the page that follows, click Continue to arrive at the Content Editor.
In the Content Editor:
  • All topics that are checked are currently included in the course.
  • Unchecked topics are excluded from the course.
  • Topics may be checked to include them in the course, or unchecked to remove them.
  • To see a sample problem for any topic, double-click on the topic name.
In courses that are configured with objectives, the Content Editor will only display topics contained and structured according to those objectives. The course content can be modified through the Objectives Editor (Sec. 6.4.7) and (Sec. 6.4.8).
Textbook integration tailors the contents of the ALEKS course to the content of the textbook, so that some topics normally included in a given ALEKS course product may be omitted. Even though ALEKS allows relative freedom to determine the content of your course, caution should be used regarding deep cuts to the content, as these may cause ALEKS to function incorrectly. Only minor adjustments should be made to the content once students have begun working, to avoid disruption of the students' work.