ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.4.35 Calendar



Figure 6.48: Calendar
The Calendar can be accessed either from the Course Administration or from the Course Tools icon (Fig. 6.48). Instructors can view and schedule assignments through the Calendar by clicking on the Create New Assignment button. Instructors can create a new assignment from the beginning or select Duplicate from Another Course to resuse the same content. The Calendar shows all assignments in the course, one month at a time, with their start and end dates.
Hovering over either a start date or an end date will highlight the start and end dates for the assignment.
All assignments appearing in the Calendar may be included in the course grading scheme. Assignments do not have to be graded, however, to appear in the Calendar. All assignments, graded or not, will appear in the Calendar unless deliberately excluded.
It is also possible to add arbitrary notes to the Calendar by clicking the link, Add note to Calendar (upper right).