ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.4 Course Creation and Configuration (Course Administration)


New Course

Figure 6.33: New Course
Courses can easily be created through the course creation wizard. From the Home page, select Instructor Administration then New Course. Alternatively, the instructor can choose a course then select Course Administration followed by New Course. There are various options for creating a course, as described below (Sec. 6.4.1).
The procedure for creating and editing a course includes the setup of Textbook Integration and content customization (if desired). It does not include creating Homework, Quizzes, Tests, or Scheduled Assessments, but these steps may be completed later.


6.4.1 Creating a Course
6.4.2 Course Creation Wizard
6.4.3 Save for Later or Cancel
6.4.4 Textbook Integration
6.4.5 Set Objectives / Modules
6.4.6 Objective Completion
6.4.7 Objectives Editor
6.4.8 Edit Objective
6.4.9 Topic Recommendation Tool (TREC)
6.4.10 Post Objective Progress Assessment
6.4.11 Content Editor
6.4.12 Section Level Content
6.4.13 Core Readiness Topics in the Content Editor
6.4.14 Course Summary
6.4.15 Syllabus
6.4.16 Course Content
6.4.17 Class Options
6.4.18 Access Options
6.4.19 Student Activity Notifications
6.4.20 Learning Options
6.4.21 Student Assessment Options
6.4.22 Worksheet Options
6.4.23 Implementation Information
6.4.24 Class Duplicate Settings
6.4.25 Gradebook
6.4.26 Resources
6.4.27 Incoming and Exiting Student Options
6.4.28 Share Class Access
6.4.29 Student Groups
6.4.30 Course List
6.4.31 Cleanup Tool
6.4.32 Course Roster
6.4.33 Financial Aid Code
6.4.34 Forum
6.4.35 Calendar
6.4.36 Student View
6.4.37 Course Archive
6.4.38 Course Tools