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5.2.5 Dictionary



Figure 5.2: Dictionary
Small illustration of this paragraph in left-hand margin. The online dictionary provides scientific and mathematical terms and definitions used in the course. Clicking on the Dictionary button produces a new browser window tab, with a list of section(s) correlated to the pie chart. Students can also access the Dictionary by clicking on underlined words (hypertext links) anywhere in the Learning Mode. Click on any section(s) to access the definition of terms used in that section. Dictionary definitions are designed to present concepts in their simplest form first, moving into greater depth as the definition proceeds (Fig. 5.2).
The Dictionary screen also includes a text entry field to quickly search for key terms and a link to access the Complete Mathematics Dictionary. Selecting the Complete Mathematics Dictionary link gives access to an index of all the Dictionary's headings and subheadings. Beneath the index is the Dictionary entry, with links to other entries and graphic illustrations as appropriate. Close the Dictionary window to return to the Learning Mode.