ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.9.14 Effects of Editing a Master Template


The effects of editing a Master Template are as follows:
  • Edits to the Master Template will apply automatically to all linked courses under the Master Template.
  • A change made to the Master Template will override changes made in individual linked courses. If something was changed in the course settings on the Master Template, then that specific change is made to all linked courses. Changes are modular. Changing one part in a module will save all settings of that particular module. For example, if something is changed in the template basic settings, all settings from that part of the wizard are saved and will override the linked courses. If a due date is changed in a homework assignment, clicking on the Save button will resave all settings for that assignment.
  • Instructors of linked courses will receive a message in their ALEKS Message Center (Inbox) when an administrator has made a change to the Master Template.