ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.4.33 Financial Aid Code


A Financial Aid Access code can be requested to allow students enrolled in the course free temporary access to ALEKS. The code is valid for a period of 2 weeks. If the course is set for 6-week access codes only, the Financial Aid Access Code is valid for 2 days after activation. The Financial Aid Access code is designed to assist students experiencing financial aid delays. This feature is only available for courses set up to use access codes.
To request a Financial Aid Access Code for your course, from the Course Administration, click on Financial Aid Code. Next, click on the Request a Financial Aid Code button; you will receive a message in your ALEKS Message Center Inbox containing your course code, Financial Aid Access Code, and instructions for the students on how to register with ALEKS. It is recommended that you print out the email or forward it to the students who need it. The code can be used by any number of students in the course, but only for that course. This process should be completed for each course where the Financial Aid Code is needed.
NOTE. When students purchase their access code, the time used in ALEKS with the Financial Aid Access code will be subtracted from the time available on the purchased access code; in other words, using the Financial Aid Access code does not add two weeks to the total length of an account.