ALEKS - Assessment and Learning

6.6 Gradebook



Figure 6.59: Gradebook
The Gradebook records student grades for assignments in the categories selected in the Gradebook Setup.
The following types of assignment categories can be used by the Gradebook:
  • Pie Progress
  • Time
  • Topics
  • Objectives (Chapter Completion)
  • Scheduled Assessments
  • Quizzes
  • Tests
  • Homework
  • External Assignments
When configuring the Gradebook for a course, the instructor can choose any selection of these assignments. Also, it is possible to use these kinds of assignments and not include them in the Gradebook configuration; for example, the instructor may choose to set up a series of Homework assignments for the course to prepare students for Quizzes or Tests, but not make the Homework assignments part of the grade.
The External Assignment category assignments require specific components (goals or assignments) to be added via the Gradebook Setup page, in order to be included in the gradebook (Secs. 6.1.1 and 6.6.5).
NOTE. The full benefit of the ALEKS Gradebook will be obtained if the configuration is thought out carefully before the beginning of the course, and then left unchanged while the course is in progress. In particular, if the students have begun to complete assignments, and grades for the assignments appear in the Gradebook, changes to the configuration may be confusing to students when they check their Gradebook data.


6.6.1 Gradebook Interface
6.6.2 Gradebook Setup
6.6.3 Grading Scale for Total Grade
6.6.4 Chapter or Objective Completion and the Gradebook
6.6.5 External Assignments
6.6.6 Adjust Student Scores
6.6.7 Gradebook Log